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SVT Görlitz vor Bergen - gemalt

A Train for Central Germany...

... allow us introduce the SVT Görlitz, representative of the area within both Germany and Europe.

The project

The aim of the project A Train for Central Germany is to restore a fast self-propelled railway vehicle of the former Deutsche Reichsbahn which is also widely known by the names VT 18.16, „Karlex“, „Vindobona“ or „Neptun“. It is going to be restored in a way that it can be economically used again in the future.

The beginnings

The beginnings

Systems with diesel-hydraulic drives which were developed by the VEB Waggonbau Görlitz for the former Deutsche Reichsbahn were exhibited first at the Leipzig Spring Fair in 1963.​

Engine power

Engine power

The whole railway vehicle consisted of four parts with one driver’s cab at both ends and two trailers in between. The engine power was 2x 1000 hp, so the train could reach a top speed limit of 160 kilometres per hour.



In international long-distance traffic 140 passengers could find room in the trailers and there was a buffet on the train (MITROPA) with 23 additional seats.

A new approach for international and especially European cooperation

Both the international especially the European aspect of the train and the regional aspect shall be connected. The train did not only represent the Deutsche Reichsbahn in many European countries but it had also been used in international traffic until 2003. We do not only intend to continue this tradition, we want to revive it. That is the reason why we have already contacted possible partners in Austria, the Czech Republic and in Denmark.

Our objective

We intend to make this part of European’s railway history understandable and bring it to life.

Step 1 Icon Done

Partners and financing

Partners in the area of Central Germany shall be involved and a non-profit limited liability company is founded. The train has to be put into a safe place and the company will strive to finance the project and look for additional partners who are interested in the project.

Step 2

Budgeting and maintenance

As soon as we have the required financial resources we will start maintaining a train which is still operational. All the necessary operating documents and maintenance documentation will be provided. If all requirements are met, the train can be used.

Step 3

Adjustment and operation

A whole train consisting of 6 parts is going to be maintained completely. Essential work (e.g. the installation of train protection systems necessary for international traffic) is carried out.

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