SVT 18.16 in der Halle

Hello friends, fans and supporters,

the rules to combat the corona pandemic have been further relaxed. Thus, we can also receive guests on a larger scale, in compliance with the applicable hygiene and distance rules.

We cordially invite all interested parties to visit us this year for the following events.

- September 13th, 2020 - Open Monument Day

- October 10th and 11th, 2020 - Review of one and a half years SVT Görlitz

On these days, between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., we will be able to view the museum train VT 18.16.07 / 10 in the vehicle hall and guide smaller groups of people through the train. We will not only answer technical questions about the SVT type Görlitz, but also inform you about the project "A train for Central Germany" and the current status of the work.

One of the goals of our project is to promote cultural exchange. For us, this includes talks on experiencing the landscape by rail. Under the motto "Meeting point train window", we invite you to the large compartment of the VT 18.16.10 machine wagon. With train window views from literature, painting and cartography, we are happy to answer the questions of the curious. You can experience a visual journey in the (still) standing SVT.

The "One train for Central Germany" annual calendar 2021 is available for the first time at our booth.

Meeting point: Zwickauer Str. 66 - Dresden - former DB Regio workshop.

These events are carried out in cooperation with the Eisenbahnmuseum Dresden - Interest Group BW Dresden Altstadt e.V. The Railway Museum is open on the days mentioned, although at different times.

The (accompanied) transition between the two venues will be possible within a short distance.

95 80 0 675 019 -3 D-SVTG

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Logo IG Luftfahrt DresdenAt the beginning of June, some members of our interest group paid a visit to SVT Görlitz, combined with the opportunity to visit the Vindebona Association in Dresden. The purpose was to compare information from our IG Luftfahrt Dresden and the IG Luftfahrt Schkeuditz, that in these trains seats according to the design documents of the aircraft seats of the first German jet-driven passenger aircraft, which "152" should have been installed. Further research confirmed this assumption, since the former MAB Schkeuditz, Plant 5 of the United Aircraft Works in Dresden, was the developer and producer of both the aircraft seats and the railcars.
Sitze Passagierflugzeug 152

The train seats are not identical to those of the 152 / I and / II.

Sitze VT 18.16But they arose from the existing designs for the "152" and the successor model "153", with design changes and adjustments for the SVT. Because seat frames, folding table, backrest shape, armrest and locking point to the same design documents. The bogies of the seats are a special new design for the SVT railcar.
Sitze Passagierflugzeug 153

These were interesting results that we want to pursue further - in the sense of obtaining certificates of concrete industrial history in the local aircraft construction. From this point of view, our respect for the enthusiasts at SVT.

Dipl. Ing. Konrad Eulitz         for IG Luftfahrt

The following contributions were shown in the MDR series "Auf schmaler Spur":

01.05.2020 Mit Expresszügen der Reichsbahn durch Mitteldeutschland

22.04.2019 Zuglegende SVT soll zurückkehren    Trailer

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